I had mentioned before one of the things you need to master in the Make Money Online Niche is Affiliate Marketing.

If you are getting started and have no connections in the Affiliate Marketing world, there’s two main things to focus on:

  1. Networking with other marketers, and
  2. Improve your affiliate score in the main networks.

If you decide to this on your own, I guess it’s possible but it’s going to take some time. The first thing I’d do is open a Facebook account that you will use ONLY for your marketing OR alternatively use your current Facebook account and devote it to the business only. In fact, you really need to use Facebook only for business purposes anyway. Using it as the general public uses it is a waste of time.

So, get on Facebook and join as many Internet Marketing related groups as you can, identify the main guys, find out about the groups they hang out. Getting the super affiliates to notice you is truly very important.  Comment on their posts, wish them happy birthday, ask questions and let other marketers know you.

This will be very valuable when it’s your turn to get approved to promote their products. Both Warrior Plus and JVZoo use a per-approval process for their products and as your might have guessed it; these guys only approve the affiliates they KNOW. This is because vendors they don’t want people spamming their product pages or generating a lot of refund as this goes against their own Vendor Score. They protect this; and rightfully so. That’s why it’s important to find a way to reach out to these guys and letting them know you are serious about the business and committed to your success.

The more online asses you can show the better. I mean a YouTube Channel, A Facebook account, a Blog, things that show you mean business and you are treating Internet Marketing seriously. This will get you approved (for the most part) with most vendors. They want to see a real person, with real websites and real marketing profiles. So, build those while you network and then you’ll get approved.

Then comes, the first promotion. So you need the pick a product.

What I do is this:

  1. I Select a product from WarriorPlus.com or JVZoo.com, focus is on those 2 networks.
  2. I head over to https://muncheye.com and pick upcoming launches.

Then I take under consideration 2 main things for product selection:

  • If I have products I can adapt as bonuses for any given offer trying to pick an offer that I know could sell well based on what’s being sold in the WarriorPlus dashboard of the last 7 & 30 days.
  • Choose an offer where I think I’d have a better chance get my link approved. (i.e. if I know or I’m friends with the product creator).

The main point to promote as an affiliate in the Make Money Online niche  is to create a BONUS offer to match the main product. This is key because competition is high and there’s already established affiliates promoting and adding their bonuses. What’s more; they own big email lists so they are way ahead of you in the beginning. This promotion will include a review (either written as a blog post on your site or a video in your YouTube Channel. Even better you can create both and combine them)

One thing that’s hard to balance is this: In part you need to find the big and let’s say “famous” launches so that you have people searching for the product by name in google and YouTube so the video can drive traffic to the offer.


At the same time all these big launches are highly competitive and promoted by all the gurus making hard to make sales organically. So, it’s a good idea to find a balanced offer with proper research and the best bonuses possible.

So you are going to figure that out as you move forward. Picking products to promote is almost a science, especially when you don’t have a big list and you are depending on the traffic your video or blog can provide.

Now. You can do all the above (following the process described) on your own.


You can take short cut (and time is of the essence for Internet Marketers).

You can save a lot of time by joining a program that: a). provides networking with the established marketers so you get introduced and recommended and b). provides a proven method to create affiliate promotions using reviews and guarantees your approval to promote pretty much ANY offer that is launching right now.

And just so happens that such a program exists. It is called the Ministry Of Freedom (MOF). This is what I did. I joined the MOF program and these guys will introduce you to the main vendors, get you approved for products, and also will provide with everything you need to get started with reviewing products as an affiliate.

The main ingredient to succeed however, is to Never Give Up.

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